About us


At Pit Couriers, we realise that we’re delivering more than parcels. We’re also delivering a commitment to you and your businesses. Every single parcel you entrust us with is a confirmation of your confidence in us. How we respond is a measure of our success. We strive to meet and achieve your expectations every step of the way to exceed your levels of expectation and to main your complete satisfaction.

Our accumulated experience of the logistics industry ensures a smooth and cost effective process. Our service levels are maintained by polite and enthusiastic representatives who will exceed your already very high expectations.

Everyone that works for us has a responsibility for creating a smooth and efficient service. Our intelligent use of technology also helps ensure we stay one step in front.

Our holistic approach is often replicated by the competition, but, is never bettered. We remain a friendly, efficient voice of the industry, Pit Couriers is always thinking ahead for you.